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Is there a place that can bring back your life and encourage you to overcome all barriers? Do you know of any destination that combines the infinite ocean with the still backwaters? Where cultures meet in the most humble of ways and where traditions unify everyone to bring harmony into the atmosphere? If you are struggling to find the right answers, join us as we explore a little piece of paradise on earth. Our Kerala holiday packages will make you fall in love with Kerala, the beautiful backwaters and authentic cuisine. Our hand-picked Kerala holiday packages will make your trip a memorable one.


Our travel professionals have more than 20 years of experience in the industry and plan all our tours. These are the people who know every corner of Kerala. Our experts will make sure you don't miss a single destination, even if it is only for a short time. Our tour guides will not let you get bored; they know how to keep the excitement alive!


We guarantee lowest price, double excitement' Kerala tour package throughout the year, unlike other Kerala tour operators! We offer the best Kerala holiday packages, no matter what season it is. Your tour will be unforgettable thanks to our selection of high-quality hotels, luxury houseboats and vehicles, as well as other custom-made services.


Things To Know Before You Travel

Our Kerala tour packages include double-checking of all hotels before you check in. Each hotel is inspected by our experts and tour planners. Our tour specialists inspect each aspect of your stay, from the welcoming rituals to the room services, amenities, activities, dining, and other facilities. Our bulk booking service allows you to book these hotels at the actual price even during peak Kerala tourism!

No matter where you are located, booking Kerala holiday packages with us will be easy. You can choose your favorite Kerala holiday package from our wide network of tour packages. Our tour planners will help you plan your trip to Kerala. They can also help you book the most convenient train or flight from your home-destination for the best price.

You can make secure and easy online payments through our partnerships with major payment gateways. You can book your Kerala tour packages using any of the many payment options. We respect your privacy. All your information will be kept confidential, even after your tour is over.

The safety of houseboats is excellent! Houseboats are designed so that visitors don’t feel deprived of any amenities or facilities during their Kerala houseboat cruises. Visitors can rely on the expertise of oarsmen and chefs to assist them when they rent a houseboat.

Winter in Kerala typically begins in October and ends in February. This is the best season to visit Kerala.

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